About Missouri Better Government

Missouri Better Government is all about helping our fellow citizens and meeting their high expectations. They expect their government should be as reliable and responsive as any other organization.

You and your colleagues are the State of Missouri government. You are citizens who serve your fellow citizens.

Only by helping each other work together better can we make the lives of Missourians better. We have a common sense, back-to-basics approach to management. Together, we are answering:

  • Where are we heading?
  • How should our leaders lead?
  • How will we get better?

The three questions are basic, but answering them takes hard work. It is worth it. When we get this right and answer all three, we are at our best together. We are:

  • More transparent… about where we are heading and how we are doing
  • More citizen friendly… to serve our fellow citizens as they deserve
  • More efficient… to deliver higher quality impact as smart as possible
  • More focused… on what we should do and scaling back where we should
  • More accountable… so good public servant performance is recognized

This Missouri Better Government website is an one-stop-shop to provide you and fellow state teammates updates on where we are heading, and links to major resources and programs that are helping us move forward.

Please let us know what else would help you stay informed about how we are together making Missouri Government Better. You can submit suggestions here.

The Missouri Way Impact Video Series

Read more about the continuous improvements submitted by our teams across state government.

Have a story of impact you think we all could learn from? Please suggest here.


Where are we heading?

Missouri Strategic Change - communicatiing our 16 departments management priorities Missouri Budget Explorer - navigating our budget and measuring our performance Missouri Management Agenda - presenting the Missouri Better Government plan - COMING SOON

How should our leaders lead?

The Missouri Way - building advanced management skills for change Missouri Leadership Academy - developing emerging state leaders Leadership Library - inspiring leaders at all levels

How will we get better?

ENGAGE - investing in professional development Show Me Challenge - competing to innovate Show Me Excellence Awards - recognizing superior performance - COMING SOON

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