January 28, 2020

Dear Team Members:

One of my main priorities is working with all of you to improve our state government. With your help I believe that we can be the best state government in the country.

Being a good leader is not about being the best but making the people around you better. That is why we are investing in you.

Watch the video with closed captioning

We are launching Engage 2.0. It will allow you to receive better coaching, better feedback, better training, better recognition, and better accountability. Engage 2.0 gives us the tools and the training to help us get better.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video engage.mo.gov to understand why Engage 2.0 will help us get better.

Engage 2.0 will help:

  • Supervisors recommit to investing time with their team members to help them do their job well and to improve
  • Supervisors work to become better coaches
  • Team members become familiar with how Engage 2.0 works
  • Give us a common language for professional development with a new Growth Model
  • Team members to provide anonymous feedback to supervisors
  • Supervisors provide individual assessments on team members four times a year by using a simple tool

These are all things I know will make us better. If we keep working together, we will make Missouri the best state in the country. Thank you for your dedication to public service.

Best regards,

Governor Mike Parson