July 1, 2019


Today, we launch a monthly video series to showcase great accomplishments by our state team members. We want to highlight how you are improving how we work together and serve our citizens. We want to learn from each other’s successes. We are calling this The Missouri Way Impact series.

We kick off the series with the Department of Revenue’s “Road to 100” call center transformation. This story shows how we can at the same time improve our work environment and how we serve our citizens.

Check out this video to hear the DOR team members tell their story:

DOR’s call centers receive about 1.6 million calls a year. For many Missouri citizens, this is the face of the State of Missouri government. DOR’s call centers were answering about 30 percent of incoming calls at the peak of the 2017 tax season. This performance frustrated citizens and stressed call center agents. By the next year, DOR tripled its call center performance by answering around 90 percent of calls. The work environment also improved.

How did the DOR team do it?

The DOR team got back to basics. They asked call center agents what they needed to do their jobs better. They encouraged agents to think creatively about how to make things better. With their feedback and by looking at the data of why citizens were calling in the first place, the department changed its website and notices. These changes helped answer customers’ questions so they did not need to call for help.

Team members also visited Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis to see a top-notch call center in action. They saw firsthand best practices to motivate team members and improve the interactions with customers. They then brought those lessons back to their work with DOR.

Together, the DOR team delivered impact.

Their story is something for us to be proud of and learn from. If you have a story of impact you think we all could learn from, please suggest on the Better Government website: https://bettergovernment.mo.gov/impact-video-series-suggestion.html. You can also find this link on the Better Government website home page by opening your Internet browser and going to bettergovernment.mo.gov

We look forward to bringing you more great stories in The Missouri Way Impact video series.

Best regards,
Drew Erdmann
Chief Operating Officer
State of Missouri