December 4, 2019

Colleagues —

Thanks to the over 23,600 of you who participated in our September Quarterly Pulse Survey.

We waited to share highlights of the statewide survey so we could preview some of the upcoming improvements in state government that reflect your suggestions and feedback. 

Please check out the presentation:


Here are the big statewide themes from the September survey:

  • We continue to make progress in a variety of ways. Since 2017, for example, more team members in 15 out of 16 departments feel their managers create a sense of belonging and encourage them to take a personal stake in their job.
  • That said, gaps in perspective persist between senior leaders and others on their teams.
  • You also highlight we need to improve how we hold teammates accountable.
  • You continue to emphasize we need to find ways to recognize truly superior performance.

Based upon your input, we are taking steps to make some big changes in how we recruit, develop, and recognize colleagues. In the past few months, thousands of colleagues have contributed to developing and now preparing to implement these improvements.

Highlights for early 2020 include:

  • Compensation plans: Implementing new compensation plans starting on January 1, 2020. Together, they are a historic investment in the State of Missouri workforce.
  • Improved development and performance conversations: Rolling-out new training and tools for supervisors and team members as part of ENGAGE 2.0*; these improvements will help you set expectations, get better in your current roles, and advance your careers.
  • “Above and Beyond”: Launching new approach to recognize superior performance
  • Upward feedback: Establishing new way for team members to provide anonymous upward feedback to help their supervisors improve as coaches and leaders.
  • State of Missouri central job portal: Launching a world-class, easy-to-use way to apply for all jobs with the State of Missouri.

Stay tuned for the next Quarterly Pulse Survey tomorrow.

Thank you for helping us end 2019 on a strong note by sharing your perspective on how we can work together better. 
Thanks for all you do every day to make Missouri stronger.


Drew Erdmann
Chief Operating Officer
Governor’s Office

* 15 departments will participate in ENGAGE 2.0.  The Department of Conservation will continue its existing professional development and reward for performance program.