February 13, 2020

State of Missouri supervisor,

First, I want to thank you for investing your time and energy to help us all get better. Since ENGAGE 2.0 launched in January, over 2,500 supervisors have gained new coaching skills during one of the day-long workshops held across the state. All of these sessions were led by colleagues, not consultants. This level of commitment to helping our colleagues get better is unprecedented, and it matters. So far, 85 percent of you have indicated that what you learned in the class will help you in your role.

Now we are moving to the next phase of the ENGAGE 2.0 rollout. On Monday, March 2, you will receive two emails.
The first email will include a link to provide anonymous feedback to your supervisor. Your team members will receive the same message. The supervisors in last fall’s pilot overwhelmingly liked this feature. We hope the ENGAGE 2.0 coaching workshops highlighted the value of giving and receiving such feedback.

The second email will include a link to complete the new quarterly evaluations for each of your team members. The process is simple, easy-to-use, quick, and fair. It can be done with a few clicks. You will have until March 31 to complete an evaluation for all of your team members. Step-by-step instructions on how to complete the evaluation are attached.
This may feel like a big change, but it is pretty straightforward. We will make this a habit through practice.

A few points to remember about the new approach:

  • You will be directed to log in using your State of Missouri credentials (or create a username/password for those in non-consolidated agencies).
  • You do not need to complete all evaluations at one time. You can come back as many times as needed.
  • Your portal will track the evaluations you have completed. It will let you know what you still need to do.
  • You are required to complete an evaluation of all your team members every quarter.
  • Reflect upon the questions. They are helpful input for your ENGAGE conversations.

Remember, your department’s Change Champions have volunteered to help answer your questions and those of your team.

To see a list of your Change Champions or to access additional training on ENGAGE 2.0, please visit engage.mo.gov
Thanks for all you do for the State of Missouri.
Governor Parson