October 30, 2019


Deer season is in full swing. Thousands of Missourians and hunters from across the country are enjoying Missouri’s great outdoors and the sport of hunting.

The timing is perfect, therefore, to showcase how our Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) team is helping our government serve citizens better.

Anyone who hunts in Missouri knows about the MO Hunting app. The app launched in 2014. Since its launch, the app has been installed nearly 470,000 times. And the app gets lots of positive reviews!

How did the MDC team do it? By looking at website data and listening to their customers, MDC concluded that hunters would save time and hassle if they could use their smart phones for their permits and to check their harvest. Then, the MDC team used a new approach to app development – called “agile” – to get the job done well and fast.

Learn more about MO Hunting, how MDC did it, and what hunters think of the app at:

Watch the video with closed captioning

Thank you to the MDC team for making a difference for our citizens and showing how new ways of working can make government better.

Best regards,

Drew Erdmann
Chief Operating Officer
State of Missouri